Monday, 6 February 2017

As ridiculous as it is, she's the head of state: why doesn't Canada's public broadcaster say it?

This tweet and and article by the CBC has been annoying me all day.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcaster of Canada. Yet it refers to Queen Elizabeth’s 65 year slog as being spent on the throne of Britain*, which while true, ignores the horrible reality that she also spent that 65 years on the throne of Canada.

This isn’t Buzzfeed or Mic or The Rebel or some impertinent start-up that could be backhandedly forgiven for not knowing basic facts. It’s the fucking CBC, which ought to know better.

This isn’t a new annoyance to me. In my Grade 9 social studies class, before the lesson, the teacher walked up and down the aisle “Who is Canada’s head of state.”

Someone said “Trudeau”. Pierre, the then-Prime Minister. Someone else tried “President Reagan.” A third tried “Premier Bennett.” And then there was an uncomfortable silence.

It’s crazy – this isn’t an mind numbingly hard question in Britain or the US.

Anyway, she got to me. “Darren?” “Queen Elizabeth,” I said. To howls of laughter.

It annoys me to this day. How do you get rid of her if people don’t even realise she’s there?

Also, 65 years is not a real anniversary.

  • And the throne of Britain isn’t even a thing, either. The monarch of the rocks in the North Atlantic is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.