Sunday, 1 July 2012


My name is Darren Atwater.

Today, I live in London, England.

I’m a publisher of newspapers and magazines and help small publishers of newspapers, books, and magazines integrate web and print. You are more than welcome to contact me about that.

Beginning in the early 90s and for the next decade, I published Terminal City, Vancouver’s Alternative Weekly. Since 2010, my home paper has been Snipe, a quarterly newsprint magazine on London politics and indie culture.

In 2007, I co-founded the Street Corner Media Foundation which publishes Megaphone, the magazine that gives voice to the voiceless—homeless persons in British Columbia

I’ve appeared on CBC Radio, CBC Newsworld, CKNW and BBC 4* and spoken about alternative journalism at conferences and seminars.

Beginning 1994, I was one of the organisers of Music Waste, Vancouver’s independent music festival, and since 2004 the Victory Square Block Party in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

You also may want to check out my Citysnapped Network of headline sites: London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Find me Twitter, Tumblr, and email or use the form below.